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Guided By Imagination Photography’s 10 Photos Published

This exciting new issue celebrates and highlights extraordinary business women.  It’s meant to share insights from brilliant business minds and top talent including: several multi-millionaire creators, executives running billion-dollar sales divisions, business celebrities (from Forbes most powerful women), a female franchisee thought leader, angel investors supporting women, to internationally well-known artist celebrities, Three-time-Grammy nominee, and creative sustainable entrepreneurs and designers beautifying our world.

The magazine, targeted to inspiring women business owners, included a 3-page spread about my Life Legacy Program, in which I help entrepreneurs focus on the legacy they are creating and enhance their life and business abundance with video and photography. I spotlighted actress, Christina DeRosa.

Here are some article highlights: “The photos shown here depict actress, Christina DeRosa, who has a burning desire to support children in need through raising awareness to support children’s programs.  In the past you have seen her in “Taxi Brooklyn”, “Sam & Cat”, “Reno 911!” and “Entourage” and in the future you will see a world that is a better place because of people like Christina.  This Life Legacy photo session allowed her to explore her self-expression and authenticity, while connecting with the passion for her life’s work.”

“WOW!  Working with Guided By Imagination is incredible.  Jennie is pure joy and radiates love and light in all her work.  She brings the fun and made sure I was having a blast while shooting.  She really brings her unique zest for life and love of life to the shoot!  I couldn’t stop smiling! ON and OFF CAMERA!”
Christina DeRosa, Actress

Thanks to Ani Yufe, for coordinating the issue and making this such an amazing experience! You did an outstanding job and have multi-faceted talents, all the while maintaining a brilliant smile on your face. icon biggrin Inspirique Biz Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Guided By Imagination Photography

Stay tuned for some exciting developments in the program, and learn how you can be involved! If you are an entrepreneur looking to create more abundance in your business and enjoy life even more, let’s connect. Click on my social media links below and send me a message. I’d love to help make that a reality!

Visit my website at and inquire about the Life Legacy Program.

How to get more Speaking Engagements with Video

Screen Shot 2014 05 28 at 10.01.43 AM 300x180 How to get more Speaking Engagements with Video

Tammy Rimes Highlight Reel

Are you a public speaker who wants to book more speaking gigs? Have a speaker reel produced of the highlights from your presentation and captivate audiences worldwide! Magnetize the organizations you want to impact.

Watch this recent presentation from Tammy Rimes, owner of Hacienda de las Rosas Winery in Ramona, CA and author of “Drink Fine Wine, Ride Fine Horses” to get an idea of her unique and fun personality. She really entertains the crowd and adds insightful humor.

If you want to share your message with the world, contact Jennie Edwards, Photo/Video Rockstar of Guided By Imagination, to set up a complimentary Video Strategy session. Her amazing husband, Ryan Stock, owner of Identity NLP, will even create an powerfully authentic script to reach your audience on a whole new level.

Call 619-316-8425 today to find out where to begin!


How to use business video marketing to leverage more sales

Screen Shot 2014 02 07 at 9.56.16 AM 300x169 How to use business video marketing to leverage more sales

In sales, much of getting the deal relies on creating trust. But learning how to do video effectively, it can easily generate trust between you and your prospects, resulting in more sales from your web presence. This is about allowing your prospects to see who you are as a person, how the quality of your voice sounds and how you carry yourself around others.  These are elements which create trust, once observed.  It allows for your prospective clients to get more of a feel for who you are.  Therefore, by the time they come to a buying decision they have more of an idea of who is it they’re buying from. It’s just natural that people want to know who they are working with.  Video is the fastest way in order for you to create this effect.

Plus, there are many people these days who are not willing to read a sales pitch but are more than willing to watch a video that leads them through a compelling presentation.  If your website only uses text in order to sell your products and services than you are leaving out one of the most effective modalities for reaching your clients and getting them to listen.

People buy on emotion; it is much easier to generate an emotion through video that is through words alone. Video allows you to add music, multiple scenes, many characters as well as an entire arsenal of other storytelling tools which create a far more engaging sales process.

The key is to have the right equipment so that you come across in a clear and professional manner.  Through our services we will be able to give you access to exactly what you need to show up radiantly.

It is also vital to have the right editing and script so your video flows like a well-told story.  If you haven’t scripted a video yourself, or you’ve done many videos but you would like to have a professional show you how to create an even better script, then we have the expertise to make that happen.  Our copywriting, coaching and video production is everything you need to finally take action on that putting a game-changing video into your marketing strategy this year.

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Engagement pictures in San Diego: Unique Photo Adventures

Allow your imagination to engage with some fun ideas for a date night to remember for a lifetime…

I find that a customized, Unique Photo Adventure allows newly engaged couples to capture the special essence between them in a way that will allow others to clearly see what makes the bond so special.

JEN 1470fb 300x180 Engagement pictures in San Diego: Unique Photo Adventures JEN 1695fb 300x197 Engagement pictures in San Diego: Unique Photo AdventuresWhen helping my clients to choose the location with for a engagement photo session, I consider the location of the proposal, recreating the first date or perhaps a special spot that you have always wanted to share together.  When you think of spending quality time with a loved one in one of these places, it will allow you to instantly see why a beautiful location can bring out the best in you.

I specialize in with working with people who are either shy to the camera or love to be totally outrageous.  It is all about knowing how to create the right atmosphere so that spectacular photos present themselves naturally, while you simply enjoy time with your loved one.

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Dream Wedding Adventures | Your San Diego Wedding Photographer

Some brides were born to think outside the box. Your wedding day is one of most special moments of your life and instead of just following traditions, you might as well stand out by making your wedding resemble your unique self and your special relationship.  If you are creative and have a special theme in mind for your wedding or you want to plan something unique into your wedding, then you are creating what this photographer calls, “A dream wedding adventure”.

JEN 9808fb 200x300 Dream Wedding Adventures | Your San Diego Wedding Photographer JEN 9721fb 200x300 Dream Wedding Adventures | Your San Diego Wedding Photographer JEN 9945fb 200x300 Dream Wedding Adventures | Your San Diego Wedding Photographer JEN 9728fb 200x300 Dream Wedding Adventures | Your San Diego Wedding Photographer

This means you have a vision for the type of celebration that you want to create on your wedding day and the event is not just about going through the motions. It’s about manifesting your dream. With beautiful locations and unique settings, San Diego is a perfect location for these type of weddings.

Being a photographer with many years of experience, I have had the opportunity to see what makes us unique as we show up on camera.   Your unique essence will shine through as my style will cause your photos to capture the moment, as only you can create it with your loved ones.

It’s all about how you engage with your audience.  There are so many unique characters and way to bring out that personality as you are posing them on camera.  Yet, the best pictures often come in the more candid moments by knowing how to keep an eye on what to look out for.  Whether it’s the excitement of a big event or the intimacy of a special moment, I believe your wedding photography should reflect how you truly show up in the world, when you are at your best.

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Why online business videos give you an edge over your competition

JEN 7638 300x200 Why online business videos give you an edge over your competitionIf you are a smart business owner who wants to show up more powerfully online to create trust in connection with your prospective clients while instantly surging your SEO to a new level, then pay attention to how to use video, effectively.

Let’s start by discussing how online business videos will allow you to get better ranking on Google.  Many big companies want for the Internet to replace television when it comes to video.  Therefore, Google will be more friendly to video in providing premium positions in search results. If you were to make one smart move, which will jump the search rankings of your website make it a video.

Also, you obviously don’t just want your customers to just know about your brand, you want them to feel a sense of connection and trust.  Video allows you to more effectively create that connection then just regular text because the viewers are able to listen to the sound of your voice and hear what your personality is like.  This has a huge impact on human psychology and make you appear like a more familiar brand by the time your viewers are done watching.

You also have to take into consideration that these days most people are more comfortable taking in information through video than reading.  Video is multi-sensory; they can see you, they can hear you and by the time they have gotten a feel for what it is that you have to say, there will be a much more memorable impression on the viewer. Video will simply give your website a more professional look so that by the time they take their first glance, you have made a great impression with the video that you’ve created for them.

And it can be fun! Contact us today at 619-316-8425 to schedule a complimentary Video Marketing Strategy Session and get new ideas on how to share your message with a world-wide audience.

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Outdoor family photo adventures with San Diego photographer, Jennie Edwards

I believe that we all have a unique family, which has its own way of creating a special relationship with the world. You have seen the way that your loved ones show up in the world and you want to be able to capture their beautiful essence so that it can be remembered for a lifetime.

JEN 4276fb1 200x300 Outdoor family photo adventures with San Diego photographer, Jennie EdwardsA stuffy photo studio is no place to capture these amazing moments.  Outdoor family photo adventures will give your family the opportunity to turn San Diego into your playground. As your family comes alive exploring and playing, your photographer, Jennie Edwards, will capture the moments that matter most.

These photos will make your jaw drop with inspiration when you discover what it feels like to relive these precious moments.  Living in San Diego is unlike living  anywhere else in the world. Make use of this incredible landscape and your time here by using the type of photographer that knows how to place your family within these beautiful settings to result in amazing photography.

Think of the quality moments that you will be creating with your family as you come together to play, laugh and create wonderful photo experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

To see the community of happy San Diego families who have done an outdoor family photo adventure, like my Facebook page: JEN 4481fb 300x194 Outdoor family photo adventures with San Diego photographer, Jennie Edwards

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All About Headshot Photography: San Diego Photographer’s Unique Approach

flowersGBI 2158web 199x300 All About Headshot Photography: San Diego Photographers Unique ApproachAs you sit quietly reading these lines, your potential customers are searching for the right person to connect with. As they look at all of the smiling faces and headshots of the potential professionals, which they could be giving a call, some of the faces will repel them, and some of the faces will attract them.

If you want your prospects to see your picture and instantly think to themselves, “I could see myself giving that person a call!”  Then you must have a picture which makes you appear approachable, yet powerful.

I am all about the type of headshot photography that makes use of the stunning San Diego locations and landscapes so you show up more empowered in the headshot, yet comfortable with your setting; an Empowered You headshot session. Imagine the naturally warm lighting of sunshine, glowing in your smile. You will simply look more at ease and happy in these outdoor settings.  As an experienced photographer, I love specially choosing the right location to fit your profession and target market, so that you look professional with a corporate touch, yet stand out in the marketplace as a real persona with a vibrant personality that others will feel that they want to connect to.

JEN 7550print 200x300 All About Headshot Photography: San Diego Photographers Unique ApproachEven for a more traditional settings such as the colored backdrops I set up or photos which take place in an office, it is possible to create an approach to photography that allows for you to show up on camera in a more authentic and empowered way.  It’s all about what’s going through your mind just as a picture takes place. If you’re thinking to yourself that you are nervous and you are not enjoying the photography session, then that will show up on camera. However, if during the photography session you feel comfortable and confident, that will show up on camera as well.

I enjoy being the type of photographer that will create the right setting and atmosphere, so your headshot reflects the type of confidence which you want to show to your clients.

To learn more about how you can show up confident and attractive on camera subscribe to my blog for free tips on San Diego headshot photography; also please like my Facebook page:

Be the version of you that you always wanted to be!

Photography From The Heart- Cyber Monday Deal

funfamilyphotos 300x200 Photography From The Heart  Cyber Monday Deal

Looking for a Gift From The Heart?

Surprise them with a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind holiday gift you’ll not find in a store…

With a PHOTO GIFT CERTIFICATE below, your gift stretches to include HUGE VALUE now and for a lifetime of memories. In honor of Cyber Monday, I am offering these collections for one day only; you’ll get $350 of value and pay only $200!

Does someone on your gift list answer YES to these questions below?
If so, call 619-316-8425 to order by phone Monday, December 2, 2013.

familyphotos sandiego 200x300 Photography From The Heart  Cyber Monday Deal

Want updated family photos?
A Unique Photo Adventure includes:
• 1 hour photo session on-location
• Favorite 10 digital photos on CD
• Photoshop retouching
• Gift photo print up to 11 x 14″




realtor headshots san diego 200x300 Photography From The Heart  Cyber Monday DealMarketing your business?
Empowered You Photo Session includes:
• Confidence and Charisma toolkit
• Favorite 3 digital photos on CD (web-size and print-size)
• Photoshop retouching

Newborn baby photos Guided By Imagination 200x300 Photography From The Heart  Cyber Monday Deal

Recently have a baby?
Baby’s Unique Photo Adventure includes:
• 1 hour photo session on-location or in your home
• Favorite 10 digital photos on CD
• Photoshop retouching
• Gift photo print up to 11 x 14″

Thanks for taking the time to SHARE this moment with someone you care about this holiday season. Doesn’t it feel great to be a part of something that matters?


How to Get the Best Family Photos

How to get the Best Family Photos:

1. Act natural. I know it sounds odd to tell someone to be natural, but the best photos are the ones where you’re authentic personality shines through. Just think about how your family is when you’re together at home. Tell stories to reminisce of fun times that you stared, play together, and have fun expressions.

2. Play time. What kind of activities do you and your family enjoy together? Perhaps your kids like sports or certain games that you could play during your photo shoot. Perhaps bring a frisbee, football, or a jump rope to create games.

3. Laughter. What makes you laugh? Telling a story of a favorite memory, seeing your children smile, giving hugs, and sharing the experience and a gorgeous destination. These examples of ways to help your family share laughter will create lasting memory memories for years to come.

Visit our website here for ideas!  A Unique Photo Adventure by Guided By Imagination Photography could be the perfect addition to your next family outing. Check out the video above of some highlighted moments from the Sean and Sarah’s family day at the park. These are moments they’ll always love to remember!